Open Architecture PSIM - what is it for?

PSIM is the most open method of unifying different technologies and brands for use in security command & control rooms. No PACS or VMS can provide this!
Is it fair that clients pay for their security equipment installations but do not have full ownership of them to obtain the actual features they want? Or that they can't deploy the security systems that they want because their control room is tied to a PACS or VMS and won't work with a competitors system?
Unified management of different brands and systems means installing open architecture technologies and being able to choose from best of breed, now and in the future.
PSIM is about simplified handling procedures, geolocalised security events in real time, and the provision of simple step by step guides to operators as well as post event forensics and accountability of security personnel.
PSIM provides : Open customization of graphics and procedures, audit trail of user actions, scalability for multi site projects, failover and redundancy, alarm and video wall integration irrespective of brand, video analytics integration, escalation of events and alarms, geolocalisation, GIS, Computer Aided Despatch and much more.
Open architecture means having free access to an SDK for development, as well as competitive development from a global network of partners, open server and client scripting, open access to all internal graphics and editors as well as system Runtime, the ability to customize graphics and screen layout as you want them to be.


Prysm has recruited Maen Abdulrahman, as sales manager for the middle east region with immediate effect. Maen is an industry expert with many years working as sales and marketing manager within the GCC region for building security and automation system manufacturers including TREND as well as with security integration companies. Maen’s role is to develop and manage the sales and marketing for his region for the AppVision suite of command and control technologies and ultimately to build a successful team of marketing and sales people in the region.
His appointment comes with PRYSM having already secured an important presence within the Middle East since 2009 and with more than 20 major integration projects this year alone. Already a market leader in volume sales of PSIM and automation control room solutions as well as access control and SCADA systems, PRYSM is now further developing its sales team to meet the challenge of market growth in the security and automation industries.
“We felt that the timing was right for us to open a regional office within the GCC region that is now such an important part of our overall growth strategy. Maen has an exciting challenge ahead of him to lead the charge for PRYSM SOFTWARE and further establish AppVision as a market leader in security and automation projects, we are very pleased to have him on board and look forward to the future with great anticipation” commented Liam Heatley, Sales & Marketing Director of PRYSM.

Security Forum Spain (2)  Smart City
PRYSM Software on Show in Barcelona AppVision PSIM for Smart City projects

The benchmark event in the security sector will be held on 27th and 28th May at the International Convention Center of Barcelona.

Market leading PSIM system AppVision will be on display in partnership with Axis Communications, in particular our FULL access control integration with the A1001 from Axis.

If you are in town come along and see us on the Axis stand.


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Across the world, the stride of migration from rural urban areas is increasing. By 2050, about 70% of the population will be living in cities. India alone will need about 500 new cities to accommodate the rapid influx of population into its urban regions.

I would urge you to read the full article on linkedin at  

A 'smart city' is an urban region that is highly advanced in terms of infrastructure, sustainable real estate, communications and with information technology as its principal infrastructure and the very basis for providing essential services to its residents. There are many technological platforms involved, including but not limited to automated sensor networks and data centres.

Several towns and cities are already deploying AppVision PSIM and other systems in order to manage security, water, electricity and other resources more centrally and more efficiently. This is a trend that will continue and AppVision is going to be part of it. 

ASV Display 3 Nuclear -power -plant -france
PRYSM Software and Automatic Sea Vision Announce Partnership AppVision deployed at nuclear power plants

March 30th, 2015 Market leading PSIM manufacturer PRYSM SOFTWARE and specialist maritime video analytics company Automatic Sea Vision today announced their formal tie up and partnership. The combination of AppVision PSIM and advanced detection abilities from Automatic Sea Vision will provide coastal and maritime protection systems for integrated port and naval security projects around the globe.
AppVision PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) uses open architecture and open customization in order to integrate different security and automation systems into a unified management structure for technical integration but also for handling procedures, audit trails and post event forensics. Diverse systems from many different manufacturers can be deployed together in a holistic and unified system to provide complete security management : video surveillance, video analytics, access control, intrusion, fire and life safety, perimeter protection, radars and even building automation. AppVision monitors all real time triggers and events simultaneously from disparate systems, making intuitive decisions and also communicating with operators to form the proper response. AppVision is also able to use different methods for communicating response procedures to control room, remote or mobile personnel.
When combined with Automatic Sea Vision systems, AppVision is able to track as yet unknown objects at very long range from the coast or from a ship in order to make informed decisions on whether the object represents a security threat.
Real time camera images with decision making information is sent from Automatic Sea Vision and presented in the AppVision custom management interface so that the security manager can rapidly interpret the images and data act accordingly, thus gaining precious time which potentially saves lives and investments. On screen prompts from the AppVision PSIM will display prerecorded standard operating procedures to assist with decision making.
AppVision also provides the security operator with customizable tools for friend and foe labelling and colour schemes so that they can quickly set aside known objects and in order to remain focused on unknown and potentially dangerous incoming threats.
“We are very pleased to be working with Automatic Sea Vision as there are many current applications that we see for the AppVision / Automatic Sea Vision solution to real and present problems faced by ships and port authorities. This tie-up means that AppVision partners around the globe will now be able to offer a unique and market leading solution to for maritime security," said Liam Heatley, Sales Manager at Prysm. "
Philippe Waquet, CEO at Automatic Sea Vision further commented, "Our partnership between Automatic Sea Vision and PRYSM’s AppVision PSIM offers a real-time identification and crisis management solution for maritime security projects and we are already very excited by several discussions with partners and end clients taking place in various countries.”

Nuclear power stations are key infrastructure sites and clearly need to be protected with the best security systems available. By deploying best of breed and non proprietary systems they can achieve this.

AppVision PSIM has recently been deployed at an AREVA nuclear power station in Europe in order to manage the security systems and security handling and workflow procedures:

Several brands of cctv recording systems are deployed as well as Fire alarm systems and evacuation procedures, Intruder and perimeter protection systems

The security industry is awash with hundreds of different systems manufacturers. But what is the use in having such a large selection if the control room system that is deployed does not allow for the possibility of deploying them and being able to mix them even if in some cases they will be direct competitors with each other. This is what we mean by open architecture and best of breed. 

Best of breed as well as open architecture mean that the customer retains the maximum level of choice, so that new technologies can be added to a security or building management project at any point during the projects life cycle. Proprietary systems do not offer this choice, since they exist mainly to support their own branded product range, which in essence restricts choice to other brands. . 



Intersec _main _pic _exhibitor _page (1) A1001 (1)
AppVision PSIM on show at Intersec 2015 in Dubai AppControl now integrated with Axis A1001 Controllers

Intersec in January 2014 featured 1,213 exhibitors and welcomed 24,766 visitors from 131 countries which made it the largest and most international trade fair for security & safety in the world.

The AppVision PSIM was on show for the first time at Intersec 2014 although is widely deployed across the Middle East region since 2008. We will be returning to Intersec 2015 in look forward to meeting with partners old and new.

The open architecture access control software from PRYSM is now fully integrated with the new A1001 controller from Axis Communications.

Most access control systems are proprietary which can mean high costs of ownership and difficulties in mixing different brands in the same installation. With AppControl this is a game changer. It means that you can manage different access control hardware systems from the same management software.

Ask us for more information.


Marine Nat Steelworks S
AppVision PSIM deployed to coordinate security at multiple naval defence sites AppVision SCADA deployed at Steelworks

AppVision PSIM is probably the most widely deployed PSIM in the world. With almost 300 new projects each year and a large number of partners and OEM brands this PSIM gets really tested.

The reliability factor is just one of many reasons why AppVision is so popular. It is now in the process of being rolled out at various naval defence bases and sites for one of the worlds biggest naval defence forces.

AppVision will be used to centralise different security systems so that they can be unified and used for situational analysis and to guide operators step by step through each security alarm event. This also means that each control room can be informed of any security event that takes place at other sites, despite the huge geographical distances between each one.


Being able to integrate industrial automation and security systems together is a key advantage that AppVision brings to a project. It is for this reason that AppVision SCADA is being rolled out across several European steelworks sites.

The clients like the ability to see the real time processes in AppVision but were particularly impressed by the ability to link different video camera systems to particular events and stages in the production process.