Created in 1996, PRYSM SOFTWARE is now a leading provider of open architecture command and control technologies globally.

In particular within Physical Security Integration Management (PSIM) AppVision™ is a market leader and is deployed at hundreds of critical infrastructure projects each year by an ever growing community of support and development partners around the world.

AppVision™ now manages thousands of major integration projects, bringing together different security and building automation technologies for control room management, as well as keeping these infrastructures open architecture and free from single source lock in.

AppVision™ was built using the principles of open architecture SCADA software, which means it can be easily customised on a project basis and can meet the needs of all vertical market sectors. 

Not only is AppVision™ one of the easiest and most versatile PSIM technologies to deploy but our aggressive partner pricing model and extremely open architecture system is radically different to our competitors.

Please get in touch to find out why AppVision™ can make a real difference to your projects.

Jean-Michel Belin.