AppVision™ is currently deployed by our network of partners at around 450 new projects each year, (some under OEM branding), and is now installed at over 3000 sites. We believe that this makes AppVision™ the most widely deployed PSIM globally.

These projects vary in size and importance from single site to multiple site management with synchronised servers and distributed architecture.

Our market model values the role of our trained partners who are key to providing support to end clients. We provide training, certification, project and technical support to our partners to help them develop their projects and meet client expectations.

In many projects we are not involved at all in the deployment phases, as our partners are fully able to configure and deploy without us. In such cases we provide only our software and technical advice.

With so many references it would be impractical to list them. These are some of the vertical markets AppVision™ is deployed at : 

  • Banking and finance
  • City Centres (Smart City)
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Defence Agencies
  • Education
  • Exhibition Centres and Conference Facilities
  • Factories
  • Government and Public Administration
  • High Tech Homes (usually the residences of billionaires)
  • Hospitals / Healthcare
  • Hotels
  • Logistics and warehouses
  • Military and Bases
  • Museums and Heritage
  • Oil and Gas
  • Police control rooms
  • Prisons and Incarceration centres
  • Public transport
  • Retail Hypermarkets
  • Royal Palaces
  • Sea ports
  • Shopping centres and malls
  • Tribunals and courts