Who Really Owns S

As security and automation consultants you are the guardians to protecting the interests of clients who do not necessarily yet know how to express their real and perceived needs or desires, nor how to convert these into a working project. You have to respect legislation, standards and try and insulate the project from future difficulties that will inevitably arise from complex integration and ever changing technologies.

The answer? You need the maximum level of flexibility, scalability and reliabilty from PSIM, and all within a reasonable budget.

AppVision™ is the perfect system for your clients. It is the most open architecture system you could ever imagine and it can meet the custom needs of most projects, whatever the size and at a much lower cost than other mainstream PSIM systems. 

That is why AppVision™ is deployed at more PSIM projects.

  • Open architecture means retaining ownership of the project away from proprietary system lock in so that the client can continue to deploy best of breed in the future
  • Reliable and well tested at over 3000 projects
  • Scalable for multiple site integration and management
  • Fully open to project by project customisation
  • Easy to install and start a project using templates and wizards
  • Standard operating procedures and workflow of events
  • Lots of integration partners with the ability to create triggers between systems
  • Full reports and archives of all user and equipment events
  • Low cost of ownership means a much better ROI than with other mainstream PSIM's
  • A community of developers and resources that keep costs down and maximises project flexibility


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