Open architecture access control

Most access control systems are proprietary. The software is proprietary and so is most of the hardware that it connects to. 

Our open architecture access control module is used to unify and manage open architecture (fully or partially) access controllers with card and zone management. It also links access control to cctv and PSIM.

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Unified CCTV management

CCTV systems are part of everyday life and are important tools to keeping us safe from criminals or terror.

There are dozens of cctv system manufacturers but they are not able to integrate with each other. This poses a major problem for security projects where cameras connected to different VMS brands have to be seen and used together.

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Control Room Integration

Consultants and integrators want the best of breed technologies for their clients which means not being tied to single source manufacturers. 

Best of breed means being free to deploy the most appropriate systems for a projects needs. It also means retaining ownership and systems flexibiility as well as SOP's and workflow.

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