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Consultants and integrators want the best of breed technologies for their clients which means not being tied to single source manufacturers. 

Best of breed means being free to deploy the most appropriate systems for a projects needs.

The dawn of the PSIM industry 

Like PRYSM SOFTWARE, many PSIM companies have been around since the 1990's although creating mass awareness for our industry hasn't been easy. There is a great deal of resistance from some manufacturers who want to be sole suppliers to end clients for their projects.

PSIM is different. It provides freedom of choice.

AppVision PSIM facilitates integration to many different security and automation brands, you can choose the system you want and PSIM should be able to integrate it. But AppVision™ PSIM isn't simply about driver development and integration. It has a serious purpose to provide better security management:

  • Unified management and integration of disparate system brands
  • Real time incident geolocalisation
  • Automatic triggers for linked processes
  • Workflow and guided procedures
  • Escalation of serious events to senior staff or Police
  • Reporting / log by operator of incident details
  • Audit trail of operators performance
  • Custom features building tools


AppVision™ PSIM - the most popular PSIM worldwide 

AppVision™ was first developed by PRYSM SOFTWARE in 1996. Since then, there have been several milestones in its path to the present day:

It has had hundreds of minor updates and new drivers, 5 major rewrites using the latest Microsoft technologies, is deployed at over 3000 different projects globally, is sold under OEM license by more than 20 different partners - each version has with unique features and functionalities, is translated into Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish and our AppVision™ Development Community now supports resellers in over 25 different countries and is growing fast.

Why is AppVision™ so popular ?

  • Unbeatable customisation and flexibility
  • Aggressive pricing model
  • OEM 
  • Reliable

 AppVision™ system architecture

The AppVision™ server comes with a host of different Command and Control features for "low level" data type integrations. You can choose to add our integrated video wall and open architecture access control modules to complete the PSIM package.

AppVision™ is totally scalable from single to multiple sites and has a flexible and aggressively priced licensing method for partners. As a result, AppVision™ is one of the most commercially successful PSIM technologies on the globe, with thousands of deployed systems all around the world and of different project sizes and vertical markets. 

Using the vast array of different drivers that are available this module is deployed to unify and manage the Command and Control of various data type integrations :

  • Building management
  • Intruder or perimeter alarm systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Nurse call systems
  • Access control alarms and doors
  • Input - Output relays

Simple to use

AppVision™ guides the user through the installation and configuration processes using on screen prompts and installation wizards. This is key to helping non I.T. specialists who can then deploy AppVision™ at basic PSIM projects.


Advanced features

For more advanced users AppVision™ provides the toolbox that every automation expert ever wished for; total graphical freedom, programmable variables, open C# scripting at the variable, client and server level, and even a free of charge SDK for custom features and driver development.


Flexible web based architecture

Our technology uses a range of the latest Microsoft tools so that AppVision™ can be deployed anywhere on a network. Any number of client stations can be installed on a PC or server (hard clients) or accessed remotely using a web browser on a PC or mobile device. 


Main features of AppVision Server module

  • Scalable technology for single or multiple site PSIM synchronisation,
  • Customisable graphic interfaces or GIS integration,
  • Dynamic & animated icons for incident geolocalisation on maps,
  • Complete incident and alarms integration,
  • Workflow of incidents with operating procedures,
  • Operator manual events creation and follow up,
  • Escalation of events (customisable),
  • Single click to see CCTV playback of incidents,
  • Cause and effect unification of disparate systems,
  • Archived events, statistics and graphs of archives and operators
  • Email or SMS of events in real time
  • Integration with AppVision video wall and access control