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Most access control systems are proprietary: the software is proprietary and so is some or all of the hardware. This means that they cannot integrate with other competing access systems and therefore would be very unsuitable for use in control room integration.  

AppControl™ is different

Our open architecture access control module, AppControl™, provides the same access control management features that you would see in a proprietary access software, but for many systems at the same time.

AppControl is deployed to manage one or many different access manufacturers hardware systems at the same time. 

It manages badge creation, anti passback, user rights, door reader control, keypad, ANPR, and even integration to eye scan or biometic hardware.

AppControl™ graphics are customisable. If you don't like the graphic interface, icons or even menus then just change them. You can even change the branding (OEM).

Advanced users can even develop new new custom features using our free of charge SDK.

AppControl™ can be linked to the PSIM, so that it integrates with all other parts of the security and BMS infrastructure.

App Control (1)

Main features

  • Centralised Management of Access
  • Visitor Management
  • Supports anti passback  
  • Supports dual card / escort
  • Supports multiple simultaneous access methods such as card + pincode
  • Security doors
  • Access profile creation
  • Photo ID for each cardholder with pop up display
  • Supports badge printing and personalisation
  • Search with multiple filters
  • Presence list (such as for fire drills)
  • People counting and statistics
  • Can be associated with AppVideo module for video verification