The importance of PSIM in CCTV management

CCTV systems are now part of everyday life and have become important tools to keeping us safe from criminals or terror. 

As a result of the dramatic growth there are now dozens of well known manufacturers of CCTV recording systems all competing for projects. Network video management systems have become increasingly more sophisticated and some also provide limited integrations to non competing security systems. VMS brands are not however able to integrate with each other, which poses a major problem for security projects where cameras connected to different VMS brands have to be seen and used together.

Integrators and consultants have an important choice to make when designing a project: either they tie CCTV projects to single VMS or NVR brands, or find an open architecture system that can integrate with most of the VMS manufacturers.

AppVision™ open architecture PSIM is deployed inexpensively to provide additional features that the VMS or NVR platforms cannot manage. Quite simply, in most cases this means being able to unify different manufacturers in the same control room. But the advantages don't stop there.

AppVision™ PSIM is a much more open and customisable technology than you can imagine. In most cases using AppVision™ PSIM means it becomes possible to build the project as the client or the consultant wanted it, and not simply what the VMS was able to do.

  • Unify different CCTV and VMS brands in the same video wall
  • Build custom GIS or maps to easily geolocate the nearest camera to an event
  • Use custom navigation bars and icons on maps
  • Deploy custom and dynamic icons with custom menu options to choose cameras or drag and drop them onto the video wall
  • Pop up camera displays on motion detection, access control or other alarms 
  • Build custom virtual matrices with flexible display options
  • Single click creation of an event hotpot and manual events logs
  • Computer aided dispatch : dispatch mobile units to site with drag and drop (V.4) 
  • .... escalation of events, integration of all other connected systems
  • .... guided procedures for event and incident handling
  • .... single click lock down, fire alarm role call lists

The AppVideo™ module can be deployed with other AppVision™ modules or as a stand alone system.

It integrates different video technologies from most mainstream IP NVR and VMS manufacturers as well as DVR, NVR, MJPEG, MPEG4, H264 and ONVIF.

Key features

  • standard display formats (X3,X4,X6,X9, …)
  • multiple screens, as well as dedicated video wall technologies
  • display CCTV live or in playback
  • camera pop up on alarm or manual from user
  • programmable cycle display mode 
  • user defined display mode and camera features or even availability
  • Dome camera PTZ using mouse, joystick, GIS / map or automatic,
  • Lists video sources : custom, tree hierarchy, on GIS / map
  • Capture photo
  • Video clip export
  • Cause and effect from other connected security or BMS system incidents