Industrial automation

AppVision SCADA is a fully customisable , reliable and robust application for complex industrial and process control applications.

AppVision system architecture makes it quick and simple to deploy custom industrial SCADA projects : systems management, PLC, automated command and control, diagnostics, reporting, …

AppVision supports open industry standards in order to guarantee deployment flexibility as well as total independence from single source manufacturers.

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Intelligent Building Integration

Modern buildings are expected to be fully integrated into energy effcient building management systems as well as fully secured.

AppVision is one of only a handful of truly open architecture integration systems that natvely supports building automation integration as well as security systems.

You can manage automation directly with AppVision or link with proprietary BMS software so that it can be seen and managed from within the AppVision control room.

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Security Integration

AppVision is composed of several independant modules that enable it to be used for command and control of security or building automation integration.

There are many drivers available to support different types of technologies and manufacturers, essential factors in compatibility and integration but also to ensure that projects can continue to use best of breed technologies in the future and not be locked into single source manufacturers.  

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