Industrial automation and SCADA systems are used to monitor or to control chemical, physical or transport processes, in municipal water supply systems, to control electric power distribution and generation, gas and oil pipelines, and other distributed processes.

AppVision SCADA™ is a fully customisable , reliable and robust application for complex industrial and process control applications.

AppVision™ system architecture makes it quick and simple to deploy custom industrial SCADA projects : systems management, PLC, automated command and control, diagnostics, reporting, …

AppVision™ supports open industry standards in order to guarantee deployment flexibility as well as total independence from single source manufacturers.

Our interfaces are quickly built to meet the custom needs of different types of industrial control room projects.

Unlike some other SCADA systems, AppVision™ is always supplied with alarms management, graphic editor, script editor, statistics, reporting, archives, import / export tools.

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